These are some of the comments from a few of my Beta Readers…

Beta Reader; Tiffany Sanerd

The paranormal aspects are a lot of fun, and I liked that you went with warlocks instead of the more common/predictable vampires or demons. The moments that really shined for me were the scenes with Kira and Blake and the scenes where Kira danced. I have to assume you’re a dancer because those parts are so immersive. I can’t believe you’re not a dancer! I could really see those scenes.

That ending is quite a shocker. I truly didn’t see it coming. But from it, I assume this is going to be a series? So in that case, I guess one note I could still give is about the characterization of the brothers.

I look forward to being able to buy and give a good review to your book in July!

Beta Reader; Patricia Bailey

My thoughts over all:

I liked the part where Colin shot Blake. Threw me.

Kat and Kira’s relationship was goals. It was a good mix of motherly instinct to best friends sharing texts.

Throughout the whole book I had become confused but then brought onto understanding. Now the end… Hello! It was all beautifully done. So pieced together. I had a few confused moments but now those don’t even comprehend on what I thought.

I loved how the characters spoke so clearly and fluently. Larz is my favorite.

I give you a five star.

I really liked the book it was and like before I said I would buy it, I would. It’s a great book. I just know I am going to be waiting for the next book to come out. Hopefully, this book will give you the success I know it will.

Patrick Carpenter; Author of Dark Ocean

I had the pleasure of being one of the first to read “Dreams of Darkness and Desire” and let me tell you, it was indeed a pleasure. If you are a fan of supernatural romance, this one will not disappoint you. The character’s depth and the arcs are engaging and passionate. There is also a twist at the end that I did not see coming, so don’t assume your know what this story has in store! Finally, the story integrated some horror and thriller elements, and even a little steamy sex, which made for a different experience that kept my attention throughout. I highly recommend this book!

Wendy Bayne; Author of Untitled: Crimes Against the Crown series

BRAVO Brandy… not too much angst just enough though to pique my curiosity. 

Overall impression is this is a well-crafted story. The characters are fully developed but enough is left to the readers imagination to engage them in the story. So far you have captured my full attention with characters that I don’t feel much sympathy for which surprises me. Yet I really want to know where this journey is going.        

I like that the characters are not so predictable that you can’t surprise me. Vincent intrigues me while he is apparently a secondary character, he has captured my interest with his phenomenal control and empathy. They are qualities that I admire but I do question his motivation and what this means for the four warlocks. I feel there is so much more to these guys. 

Your dream sequences are well crafted.  

Well the suspense continues, and Kira is as just as unstable as ever I suppose she is a seer as well as witch. Freaking stuff happening there.

Hey Brandy… really know how to keep the suspense flowing.

Well done! Great build up and final release. I like how you did not overdo it and make it last forever. It was very realistic.

Elsie McArthur; Author of The Back Up Plan and Love on the Rocks

I’m hooked! Your characters are well constructed. From how they talk and interact I can feel Kira’s tension and how it contrasts with Kat’s carefree, fun-loving nature. The intensity of her reaction to the man in the parking lot confused me at first. However now that I’ve read more it makes sense.

The dream sequence was excellent! Very erotic, without being over the top. Loved it! Your descriptions of the ballet dancing were very good as well – I’m not a dancer and I’m unfamiliar with the terms, but there was enough technical vocabulary to make it feel real without being overwhelming or difficult to follow.

I’ll admit, I found this chapter very jarring! But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Going from the easy conversation and teasing between the men, and the beautiful descriptions of the property, to a very brutal act was a bit of a shock. I liked the interaction between Kira and Blake – flirty, tense, playful. It built the anticipation between them nicely. Blake’s conflict between his feelings for Kira and his mission is clear to see.

I love Larz’s dialogue – very believable, and despite him being a murderous warlock, it does give him a likable quality Good descriptions, natural dialogue and it moved the plot along well.

I was screaming at my Kindle when Kira went off with Colin! But in her drunken, confused state I totally get why she found comfort in someone familiar.I really like the dynamic between Larz and Blake. I’m hoping for more from the other two though, particularly Vincent – I feel like he’s got a bigger role to play, and I hope he comes into his own later in the story/series.

I’m even more intrigued now about what role Vincent is going to play in the rest of the book(s). I feel like as a character, he has a lot more to give.

You’ve got me in a total quandary here – But I do like the fact that we see his guilt for what he’s putting her through – that wins him a few brownie points.

I really like Blake and Kira’s interaction at the bar – their conversation seemed natural and flowed well. It also built the anticipation between them really nicely. I was screaming when he didn’t kiss her!

Eva Alton; Author of Stray Witch and The Witch’s Mirror

Great prologue, I want to know what happened to her. I love this. Wow. Awesome Imagery.

He’s a bit weird and bossy but the sexual tension is well done. I can really feel the dynamics between them, it’s good – she, distracted by the man in her dreams. Oh, this is great! I like that this is happening again, tying this chapter to the previous one.

I’m not a fan of this type of men and I see this could bother some people. But I think for your story this is perfectly fine – he wants to dominate her. He is a dark presence. Some sort of haunting.

Great chapter to meet the sexy warlocks! If you wanted to create an aura of mystery and horror around the warlocks, you did it well.

Oh… I like the ending here.

I love this, so eerie. Nice. This was sexy.

Beta Reader; Maddison Crow

Love everything so far. The detail and descriptions of everything make it easy to envision myself in the story and connecting with Kira.  

I found myself picturing everything perfectly, the charm of New Orleans and the setting of the story. The feeling of mental isolation that Kira was facing while surrounded by people was very relatable. I could also feel the intensity of the interaction between Kira and the man from the parking lot. 

Kira’s first detailed nightmare…my own heart started pounding with every new event in Kira’s dream. We’ve all had those dreams where we see our lives flash before our eyes.. but the actual tombstone- engraved with Kira’s name gave me goosebumps. 

The nightmare Kira had brought me to the edge of my seat. Very descriptive. The funhouse scene was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. So vivid and wild. I felt like I was there and could hear the carnival music! 

It was like a movie scene. The adventure and storyline that were presented had me reading fast and excitedly to find out what would happen next. I can’t wait to learn how the coven will handle this situation.

I’ll preface by saying: these chapters definitely left me craving for more! 

My emotions were on a rollercoaster with every new detail and setting. I felt worry with Kira. I could picture every scene vividly as the story went on. I’m left unsure if I should feel scared for Kira or excited for her. I think maybe she feels both emotions as well. 

I am almost at a loss for words. I have never had a book leave me with so much emotion in my life. The last chapter gave me chills and left me teary eyed with shock. This books has been exciting the entire ride and as a reader I always felt that I could somewhat predict what might happen next. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this twist. I am also truly happy to know that Blake is still the man I thought he was at the beginning. I had been persecuting poor Blake for the last fee chapters. Now I am just as concerned about Kira as Blake and everyone else are. 

Final Thoughts: 

To me, this story was perfect. Everything flowed and it made me feel excited to start reading again. This book has humor, horror, action, lust, mystery, and love all in one. BL Cagle has mastered the art of creating a story that can easily play out like a movie in your head as you are reading. Very excited for the rest of the series. Bravo.