I have not only thought about this issue, but I’ve also been asked this many times. Will I use my real name or a different one because of some of the love scenes in my novels? Will I be ashamed or worried that it may offend someone or make others question my faith? Will I be shunned by people that I go to church with?

The answer is no. I am using my real name and I am not ashamed and if I offend someone, then they have the problem, not I. A true Christian will not do that. 

I am a Christian and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not ashamed to say so. I was given a gift to write short stories and poetry, that I shared with my Granny. I have written poetry for years but only shared them with family and friends. The gift of an imagination to then put it down for others to read all comes from God above. To write about Good Vs Evil is another Book in itself. It’s called The Holy Bible. My characters may engage in an X-Rated love scene, but they are in love. They are expressing their love and that is what people (of age) in love do, so why should it be a ‘sin’ to read a story about two people in love? If there were no real – life love scenes, there would be no one to read these fictional love scenes. 

Hello? Where do babies come from? Yes, it is called, sex, so grow up and act a little mature.

I have to commend one of my favorite authors, Teresa Medeiros, (After Midnight and The Vampire Who Loved Me) She too, had those same questions, stating that it is never a sin for an artist to try to depict life accurately as possible, and that includes the sexual aspects of life. She also stated: If I’m going to make my readers part of my characters’ lives, then I don’t feel comfortable showing them all other aspects of that life, then slamming the bedroom door in their faces. I agree completely with what she says, that romances are actually incredibly moral books. Every plot may not lend itself to marrying off the hero and heroine before they do the deed, but you’ll usually find that while they’re still basking in the afterglow, my heroes are already thinking, “Hey, I need to marry that woman!” 

I applaud Teresa as an author and a Christian, and that her church along with the congregation support her. That is what a true Christian does. She believes that God gave her, her talent and wants her to use it for good, just as I do with my own.

I’ve also been asked if I only plan to write romance and about the paranormal and the answer is no. 

I have already began a story in the YA genre: about a young girl that is a Senior in high school, being raised by her stepfather after her mother died when she was fifteen, but is having anger issues and has been kicked out of school. They move to a small town in the middle of nowhere giving her one last chance. To make things even more difficult, she is unable to control her temper that is only getting worse as her eighteenth birthday draws closer. She begins to learn that not only the world around her isn’t what she thought, but the people too.    

I also will be writing a story of a young boy around fourteen or fifteen that has a bad home life and is caught breaking into a home and arrested. 

I wish I could put them all out as fast as they go through my head. I have more but, let’s save them for later…….. 

I want to write in all aspects of life. I want to write in many different genres. The key here, is that I want to write. 

So, let’s get writing…………………………..

A Lot Can Happen in One YearIt’s hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks it’ll be a year that I have written not one, but two complete novels and the third of the trilogy is in the works…. I thought that was the hard part.. I was so wrong. Researching agents and different publishing houses and sending queries is hard… but the worst is the waiting to hear back after you’ve sent one. It’s brutal torture when you get a rejection telling you your idea is unique, intriguing, very well thought out, but it’s just not right for them at this time. Does that mean it may be right if I send it in again later?
It’s enough to make you want to give up and forget it… but I’m not.
I truly believe in my story and in myself and I will see it published.
Just gotta keep on keeping on…..
Don’t stop! Never quit!