This is the first novel that I’ve written, and I have become so completely enthralled with it, that it quickly turned into a trilogy. I have always wanted to but never thought that I could nor did I have the time. I was having crazy dreams and began writing them down, then one day back in March 2019, I turned those dreams into a story. I started writing and haven’t been able to stop.

I spend every available minute that I have writing. Yes, the second and third books are currently in progress. The first book is a contemporary paranormal romance that builds as you read on with tension and romantic tension and suspense, with a little added darkness and mystery. You will also get a taste of horror and some steamy scenes. There are many questions throughout, some get answered (with tiny clues) while others will take you to that cliffhanger, leaving you wanting to find out what happens in the next book only to be led into more suspense and stumble upon more questions to be answered in book three. Who or what is the Shadow Man? What does he want and why? Where did he come from? Then of course the love story, will it continue? Will someone endure heartbreak? Will there be another romance beginning to kindle? Will someone die?

What is unique about this novel is that it falls into many different genres and categories open to different readers.